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IPhone 6 Coming to a store near you

iPhone 6 Set To Be Launched on September 9

The iPhone 6 is scheduled to be released soon and many technology news sites are already speculating on just how different the new version of Apple’s popular smartphone will be. Even though the launch is scheduled for September 9, there have already been many details leaked about the soon to be released iPhone 6. It is expected that Apple will follow the standard release cycle, which means that they will launch the device on September 9 and make it available for sale to consumers 10 days later. Therefore, the soonest most people can expect to get their hands on the brand new iPhone would be on September 19.iPhone-6

If you are excited about the launch of the new iPhone, you should know that it probably won’t be the only version of the phone released this year. The iPhone 6 is expected to have a 4.7 inch screen, but there is a bigger version in the works with a 5.5 inch display. This larger display would put the second version of the iPhone 6 into the “phablet” category, which is a crossover between a phone and a tablet. It is unknown as to what the bigger version of the device will be called, but some have speculated that the name would be either iPhone Air or iPhone 6L. The specifics as to when the phablet will be released are unknown as of yet, but it will probably be later in 2014. Apple may have initially intended to launch both devices at the same time, however the larger iPhone version has run into some problems during the production stage, which have now been solved, but nonetheless have had their impact on the availability of the device.

As the iPhone 6 hasn’t been launched yet, there is no official information about how it will look like and which features it will have. But there were numerous pictures that were leaked months before the expected launch date. Some of these come from what looks like prototypes of the new phone, while one picture of the iPhone 6, showing a phone with a more rounded contour, was released by a Chinese mobile phone operator. The iPhone 6 user manual is also reported to have been leaked before the launch, however many believe that the document shown is either a fabrication or is an unfinished draft.

More specific details about Apple’s new phone are expected to become known when the launch event takes place. One final piece of information that has been widely circulated is the price. The iPhone 6 is expected to cost $650 in the United States thinks this is a great price and will resault with amazing boost in sales..