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10 tips that will make you Gmail expert!

Gmail is the largest online email service platform. Gmail has become an inherent part of everyone’s schedule. It is Google’s mail service and is popular amongst students, professionals, brands and small entrepreneurs alike. It is free, easy to use and accessible by all. Therefore, Gmail is used widely for emails, chats, etc.

Recently Gmail was renewed with its new features which even enable working on a calendar, to-do list easily accessible. But there might still have been some features that you wouldn’t have known as yet.

Here are ten tips that will make you Gmail expert!

  1.    Labelling

Labelling feature on Gmail helps in the organisation. Instead of tracing the emails and senders – look for the labels. Select the users or brands to label them with colour. These get collected under a label head. They also show up on Inbox with a label tag. It enables you to keep an eye on essential emails and keep them safe in a label box. Labelling organises your mails according to sender, tasks etc.

  1.    Starring

The star feature on Gmail is about assigning importance to the mail. Marking a mail with star makes it count into a separate folder ‘Starred’. The starred mails are collected mails for ready reference. If you receive thousands of emails each day, the important mails can go down on the list. Starred message is saved separately for ready reference. You can save offer, and they shall show in the starred folder.

  1.    Spell check

Google mail service enables checking of spelling while you are typing a mail. The grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes etc. are denoted by green and red underlines. It ensures that when you write an email, there is total accuracy. Gmail does the spelling check as a ready reference to avoid any mistakes.

  1.    Calendar sync

Gmail is an application that can be paired with other Google applications for the utmost experience. The mails can be synced with a calendar to mark the relevant dates, meetings etc. Therefore, if your Gmail and Calendar are synced – the crucial meetings would automatically show on the schedule. This helps in keeping track of plans. You shall not miss out on any planned meetings, interviews etc. with Gmail by your side.

  1.    Important Mails

The set-up of important tag helps in sorting the emails according to importance. As there are a lot of spam messages these days – this feature helps a lot! When you mark an email important, all the future emails from that email ID shall show on your inbox. The yellow mark would indicate importance and hence ensure that you don’t miss out on it.

  1.    Sharing files through Google Drive

Gmail allows for only 25mb of attachment space per email. But Gmail enables sharing of more extensive data through Google Drive. Through the email itself, the Google Drive link and folder is created for sharing. It helps in sending large files, videos etc. without any fuss. It also helps in saving attachments securely.

  1.    Signature for mails

You can personalise your emails on Gmail through signature. Gmail helps you create a signature that is attached to each email you send out. There is no need to sign every other email that you send. Gmail does it for you!

  1.    Organizing mails

You can organise emails according to primary, Social and promotional ones in the form of tabs. It helps in cutting down on promotional emails and securing the work-related ones separately. Therefore, making it easier to focus on the emails like that need attention immediately!

  1.    Search files

Searching for any files on Gmail is extremely easy. You can put the name of the sender, the email IDs, attachment name etc. to search. The list of the credentials matching shall form a list. It helps the users to trace down an email without wasting time. Gmail also helps in searching large files. Just enter the approx. size of the large file, and it shall find it for you. Therefore, cleaning the Gmail space is convenient too.

  1.    Snooze

The newest feature of Gmail is a snooze. You can ‘Snooze’ any email from your Inbox until a date and time. The email won’t show up on the Inbox until you want to see it there. Therefore, if there is some mail that you want to check again – snooze it for later. This feature helps in getting reminded of emails and replying to them responsibly. It also helps in avoiding some emails for the time being.

We bet you shall now enjoy sending emails a bit more! Sync the Google apps and tools to make the experience even more amazing!