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Awesome new details about GPS trackers

GPS or the Global Positioning System is dated back to 1978 but it wasn’t until 2000 that the general public was provided unrestricted access to the service. And since then, the industry has been growing rapidly. You can use GPS to track phones, vehicles and now, even people. Special GPS

6 Innovations in the Broadband Industry in the Last Couple of Years

Over the recent years, the broadband industry has seen improvements albeit not as revolutionary as in the past decades.  Most of which are innovations that spelled advantages for telcos and consumers. Below are some of the most notable innovative developments in the broadband market. Next-Gen Fiber Technology Gigabit internet is becoming

How To Discover The Right Business Phone System For Your Company

Choosing the appropriate phone system can either lead to the success or the disappointment and failure of a startup company. Simplicity of set up, cost, function and different variables ought to be considered to achieve growth in the company. Distinguishing and evaluating different business phone system is necessary to realize

Ten Hottest Android Apps in 2017 So Far

From puzzle games to productivity boosters, there are a lot of interesting apps blowing up in popularity right now. It can be a little overwhelming in trying to decide which ones to check out first, which is why you should read our list of recommendations... SwiftKeyKeyBoard (Free) Frustrated by the pain of

Choosing the Best Help Desk Software

Help desk software is key to helping manage your support requests that are received to your website. The help desk software ensures that no customer enquiry goes unanswered, and allows your customer to know the status of their enquiry. But what is the best help desk software that is currently

Backbone JS – The ultimate JavaScript exposure

With the change of IT world, demand of the clients from the technology assistants is also changing. Instead of downloading hundreds of wizards and installing software on desktop, users are looking for web based applications. Data will be stored on clouds, user ids will be kept in the browser and

Keep Your Mobile Phone Protected With Best Security Apps

Every mobile user wants to keep their mobile phone safe from harmful viruses and other unwanted malware. There are several ways available to protect your Android phone and keep its data safe, but the best kind of antivirus software brings you better protection. Choosing the best antivirus software is not