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Choosing the Best Help Desk Software

Help desk software is key to helping manage your support requests that are received to your website. The help desk software ensures that no customer enquiry goes unanswered, and allows your customer to know the status of their enquiry. But what is the best help desk software that is currently available at the moment? We thought we would investigate. We have managed to identify two of the best software providers below.

Fresh Desk

Freshdesk is an ideal help desk software provider which offers a hosted solution. This is a basic level of software which is ideal for a start-up who maybe only has a few requests per week. But, even though it does lack some of the functionality that Happy Fox or Vivantio Pro provides, it makes up for this in its low monthly fee. It is important to note that if you start with the basic version and require more advanced functionality, the monthly cost does mount up quite quickly, so be wary as your company grows, you may need to find another solution.

Pros of Freshdesk

  • Quick and easy to use. This is key as no training is required to use the software.
  • Allows the user many ways to raise a support request.
  • It is possible to customize the look of the system to make it complement the colors of your branding.

Cons of Fresh Desk

  • Because of its low price, it is missing some key functionality. If your business needs to meet ITIL standards, you will need to look at other help desk software.

Desk Softwares

Fresh Service

Fresh Service is a new service which is quickly becoming a popular system for those who only have a small number of agents. Currently, Fresh Service is free for 3 agents, after which you have to pay. We found the software itself easy to use, and the initial set up process is relatively straight forward.

Unlike Fresh Desk, Fresh Service meets Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, which is key for many larger organizations. This is an ideal solution for organizations who need an enterprise level standard of software that is easy to use and cheap to run. But, for larger organizations who need ITIL and deal with many hundreds of support requests per day, we would recommend Vivantio Pro. It could be considered that this is a good solution for a medium sized business.

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