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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing is the latest technological innovation that enables servers to store data on the web. It allows individuals and businesses to access and use their files and applications without the utilization of any specific software. Cloud computing is constantly evolving but is essentially a network infrastructure with servers, platforms, applications and storage facilities. A network of shared resources that can be quickly provisioned in response to customer demand.

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Cloud disaster recovery is a backup and restore plan that has to do with storing and maintaining copies of valuable electronic records in a cloud computing system as a security measure. In other words, it could be seen as a process that offers cloud-based disaster recovery infrastructure, solutions, and service.

The primary aim of Cloud disaster recovery is to provide organizations with a means of recovering data or implement a fail-safe in the event of natural or human-made catastrophe. As we all know, disasters can strike a business at any time, and if care is not taken, such could lead to the failure of the business organization. Cloud DR shares some similarities with the traditional disaster recovery process, and it provides backup of client and server systems, recovery point objectives, recovery time objectives, system images as well as other standard disaster recovery processes.

If you take a look at the upfront expenses of setting up a disaster recovery plan that is void of immediate benefits, you’ll discover that it brings a modicum of resistance from management. Hosting a cloud disaster recovery plan is crucial to the safety and survival of your business, and it also offers a lot of benefits to your organization both in the short and long run.


Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • It is cost effective: Since a cloud service provider charges are based on the services demanded and used, the business can freely pick and choose what it requires, thus leading to immense cost reduction.
  • Highly confidential data can be kept off-site: Since the cloud is located in a remote geographical area, data can be secure and safe in the event of the full or partial destruction of the production center. Data can fully recovered, and production restarted thanks to the stipulated recovery parameters.
  • Scalable: Cloud disaster recovery services are scalable in the sense that services are rendered according to the business specific requirements.

When it comes to disaster recovery, the cloud can offer immense benefits. However, it requires some critical steps and techniques. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you partner with a company that can provide state of the art services to safeguard the essential data of your organization.

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