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Complete Camera Buying Guide for Beginners – Different Types of Digital Cameras

The market today is flooded with different types of digital cameras. However, if you are a beginner in photography, the process of choosing the right one can leave you confused and overwhelmed. It is essential that you look and understand the features of different options thoroughly.

Here is your guide to different types of digital camera:

  • Compact Camera

This one is simple, inexpensive, small in size and easy to use. This is the basic digital camera available in the market. They are great for personal use. Things you might miss in this option are limited to manual exposure, average quality and not many options for lenses.

  • Zoom compact camera

Not very expensive, with the additional feature of zoom, they make another good option for your personal use. Only negative side is that they might not be the best choice for professional use due to very average photo quality. However, they are automatic and offer HD video recording.

  • Camera for Adventures

More suited for outdoor photography, they come with features such as water resistance, shock resistance and can withstand extreme conditions. Tough built they are great for adventure photography. The only disadvantage is limited zoom and exposure option and small sensors.


  • Extra zoom camera

Marketed somewhere between compact cameras and DSLR’s these cameras comes with powerful zoom feature and image stabilization. Also have HD video recording and manual exposure options.

  • Smartphone camera

Very convenient to use, smartphone cameras are a new rage. Compact, light weight and with great picture quality in some, they might not answer the need of professional camera users and their require.

  • DSLR

Designed for more serious and professional photography they offer a number of advanced features and great image quality. Bigger, bulkier and more on expensive sides, they are best suited for people with some expertise in photography.

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