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Count on Movavi Photo Editor to remove unwanted photo stamps easily

Modern cameras tend to add date & time stamps on digital photos. While the stamps are great for capture data, we don’t exactly like them when they land on an important part of the pictures. What if the stamp falls right on the image of a beautiful dish that you are looking to upload on Instagram? Certainly, you won’t like such a marking. But the good thing is you can now easily remove those unwanted marks from your photo with the help of Movavi Photo Editor. Movavi is one of the most internationally recognized software developers and its Photo Editor is much loved by both shutterbugs and tech experts.

Here is a brief review on how you can use the Movavi photo stamp remover to eliminate stamps from your images.

Launch the program & upload images

First you will download & install the Movavi program in your PC. Then, click on Browse for Images. It will open up the file containing photos.

Mark & erase stamps

Next, go to Object Removal & use the Brush icon to paint over text and date on your photo. Try to be precise while painting for better removal quality. Then, you will click on Start Erasing and the program will immediately remove selected date stamp. For the remaining imperfections, use Stamp tool for better removal.

Save edited picture

Now, we have reached the final phase of the process. After the changes are being made, click on Save tab and save the edited image. One of the best parts of Movavi Photo Editor is that it can even help you with image format conversion. The software is compatible with all the popular image formats and you can use it convert the edited photo in any format you prefer.

Other features of Movavi Photo Editor

  • The Movavi program is not only able to remove date stamps but any unwanted object for that matter
  • Ability to change background of your photo
  • You will be able to modify the frame size and composition easily. The program supports crop, flip, join and rotate functions
  • The program is backed by a wide array of special effect tools and will enhance the overall quality of your image in an instant
  • Movavi Photo Editor also allows to remove blemishes like acne scars or freckles from photo for a glam finish
  • The software can add watermarks and stylish captions
  • Extremely easy to use and can be operated by anybody

Useful tips for users

  • If you want add photos to the Movavi program fast, you can just drag & drop the photos from your folder to the program window.
  • To ensure precise selection of photo stamp, use Magic Wand.