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Cyber Range Training and Its Wide Range of Benefits

Over the years, the Internet and the automation system has continued to evolve, reaching heights that were seemingly impossible before. However, it is not without a downside.  Today, cyber attacks and security threats happen almost every day in different places causing millions, if not billions of damages. Incidents take place everywhere – data breaches, identity thefts, system outages due to hacker activities and so much more. The list can actually go on and on.

Despite billions of budget spent by some companies in their cyber security measures, attacks can still penetrate in the critical complex IT infrastructure. This is the sad truth, and a costly risk. Hence, today’s system administrators are facing an ever-growing challenge in terms of maintaining an organization’s system security.

As security threats are now more sophisticated and aggressive, the need to counter it with an equally robust defense system is a must. At the same time, system administrators should also be highly equipped with the necessary skills in responding to various security threats – both the known and the unknown.

One way to alleviate the security problem is to provide network administrators and other IT professionals with an intensive training to strengthen their knowledge and ensure their readiness in case a real incident occurs.

What is Cyber Range?

A cyber range gives your security team an opportunity for to gain a practical experience to hone their skills in fighting against modern security threats.

If you have not heard about cyber range before, it actually refers to a training platform designed to leverage the performance and readiness of the IT security team. Think of shooting ranges and military training facilities where military personnel are trained on weapon usage, operations and battle tactics. In the same way, a cyber range is a controlled environment for the cyber warriors offering state-of-the art simulation platform. Ultimately, the goal of the training is to prepare the IT security team for real-world deployment  

It is not actually a new platform but the interest in Cyber Range has rapidly grown in the recent years, which is not so surprising anymore considering the type of threats emerging now.

What are the Benefits of Cyber Range Training?

The more security-savvy and informed your company’s IT security team is, the better they will be able to handle threats effectively. A cyber range platform provides a highly immersive training ground so that the security team can have a feel of what real-world threats are and they can execute the appropriate solutions in the best ways possible. Simulators like CyberBit Range offer a training and simulation platform allowing the users to practice cybersecurity incidents with hands-on experience, proven to boost the performance of the security team.

Cyber Range training is beneficial because:

  • It fills in the cybersecurity skill gap
  • It allows the security team to simulate offensive operations when an enemy attacks
  • The realistic simulation will let the team have a complete and thorough understanding so they can develop the skills necessary to defend and recover from threats.