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Download Archiving Solution from MLtek with a Free License

If you are looking for lightweight, fast and powerful archiving solution to unclutter your networks file storage with, it is Archive Manager that you are looking for. Other archiving software does not handle this task as well.

Free license

If you download this software, it will come with a license that allows you to setup up to 5 scheduled tasks and there is no limit on the total number or size of the files it is able to process. With the free license every time a task runs it will process up to 100 files, which is the perfect size for smaller arrangements or for those who are looking to take it for a test drive. You will find out:

MLtek - Archive Manager

  • By far this isthe most cost effective archiving softwareand works with every windows file servers from the last 10 years.
  • This software includesvarious types of stubs that will be left in place of themoved files, and while doing this you will have no need of anyhelp from any one of the people working in the IT departmentat your workstations. It is a true agent less solution.
  • It permits re-using of storage devices that are old, archiving to a NAS device or even moving to a new space on your 1st tier storage and the program will compress the old files enabling you to save space.
  • There is also anexclusive Maintenance Job that runs daily that takes files that were recently used back to your live file system, replicating exactlyfolder andfile permissions from the live files system to the archive storage and much more!
  • There is no loss of security, content or information with MLtek’s Archive Manager unlike other solutions available. Each files file attributes and NTFS permissions are placed in the structure of the directory and are 100% well-preserved at all times.

It is a product that is established and has a user base that is significant. It is in use by a huge number of organizations and companies from military contractors, law enforcement, to health organizations and almost everything in between. This program is currently being used in 40 different countries.