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Get Better Control over Project with CRM Application

Once you have converted the deal and inked the contract, the processing of order is the next obvious step. The order can be classified as project and it is divided into phases as per the terms of delivery. Keeping a point-to-point account of project is not so easy, and may leave the manager confused and dumbfounded given the quantum of information he requires dealing with. Thus, an integrated project manager available in CRM software proves to be a boon. Here is how this software can help.

  1. Tracking of all aspects

Whether there are tasks, schedule, team member work record or emails, tracking all of these is essential to understand what is going in the project. Instead of sifting information and generating report, it is better to have a tabulated version of all these information pieces to have better understanding. You can pinpoint the lapses, work performances etc to take action before the situation becomes a problem.

  1. Tracking of various projects

All projects can be tabulated at a single place. Such convenience to access the projects on one screen enables manager to not let go any of them off his radar, thus less to nil escalations and better results.

  1. Custom fields

CRM software is made flexible to allow the managers to add or delete the fields as per the business requirement. Thus, there is no need to struggle with clamored software. The user can own it the way he wants and employ it to his advantage.

Availability of features like Gantt chart allows the user to analyze the project aspects and identify loopholes. Dependence of actions and their organized scheduling can help know in no time if the project gets stuck at any point. So, if you strive for seamless management of projects, soft tool like project management software is ideal for meeting your objectives.