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Getting Mac Synced With Android Device

We all probably know this that there is no traditional option when it comes to getting Mac and Android synced in Apple systems. Doing so, or even opting to do it, could be quite a challenging task!

However make use of SyncMate, an app that can sync Android device with Mac and is quite an influential tool.

If you want to know more on how to sync Android device with Mac keep reading below:

SyncMate is a great tool and it can conveniently sync Android tool with Mac. The model of the phone or the tablet that you use will not be of much botheration. All it needs to do is run Android 4.x-6.x, and you are good to go.

This tool is accessible in two editions, Expert and the Free edition. With the help of the Free edition, you will be able to get your personal data synced like your calendar, contacts. On the other hand, Expert edition will provide you with a bigger range of options such as syncing folders, music, images, text messages, mount Android tool just as a Mac disk and so many more options to be taken care of effortlessly.

You will be more than happy to see how quickly and easily SyncMate can sync Android with Mac.

You need to follow the directions mentioned below:

On your Mac, download and get SyncMate installed. After installation of the app, you need to get it opened. You will notice the prime or the main window.

Then click on the “Add new” option, which you would notice to the left side. From the mentioned list of options, select Android. Then get your device connected to Mac.

Mac Synced With Android Device

Next you have to click on to the “+” option and then have a good view of the list of plugins available. You need to then select the things you want to sync and then get the sync settings adjusted likewise. If all that you require to sync are calendars and contacts, you can use the option of Free edition. For syncing more options, you could try the SyncMate Expert option.

After you have adjusted with the syncing procedure as per your necessities, you need to click on to the “sync” option.


SyncMate undeniably is a great app when you want to get Android synced with Mac. It also supports iOS devices, MTP and mounted tools and devices, other Macs, iCloud accounts, Drop box accounts, and also Windows services.