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Interesting Facts about Skrillex

Skrillex is in top-5 DJs of the World. However, there are some things about him that you never would have guessed. Let us look through some interesting facts about Sonny Moore`s life.

He started skating at the Age of 10

Sonny had been enjoying sub-cultures since the very birth, so he joined the local band of skaters at the age of 10. However, his family had been moving a lot, so he didn`t manage to become a successful skater.

Skrillex had to learn at Home

Although Moore was attending a private art academy, he was bullied a lot. Therefore, at the age of 14 he left the school, and was getting education at home with private teachers.

Sonny left Family early

When Skrillex was 16, he finds out that he was adopted. The relationship with relatives wasn`t that good anyway, so he left his family without hesitating.

Skrillex started musical Career in a Rock Band

After leaving family Sonny started attending raves at the American-Mexican neighborhoods. That`s where he started forming his musical taste and playing the guitar.

In 2004, young musician contacted a member of “From First to Last” band. Without even being accepted he travelled from Los-Angeles to Georgia to be listened to. Producers acknowledged his talent, so Sonny became the leading guitarist of the band.

He had to leave due to Voice Problems

In 2006, the second album was released. The band started the tour that they never managed to finish. Moore started having some serious vocal problems and could not sing any more. Even after having a surgery, he refused to be a part of a group. Instead, Sonny started a solo career.

Sonny`s first Pseudonim was Twipz

In 2007, Moore released three demos: “The Glow Worm”, “Equinox” and “The Signal”. It was not until middle of 2008, when he changed his stage name to Skrillex. He released several more singles till 2010 when the next huge breakthrough had happened.

Sonny signed a contract with mau5trap and released the first EP “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. In the same year he went in a worldwide tour with deadmau5 and became one of the highest paid DJs in the World.

Skrillex composed a lot of Tracks for Videogames and Films

In 2011, Sonny started collaborating with Naughty Dog. His track “Kill Everybody” was used in Uncharted 3 trailer. The track name “Syndicate” was created especially for the game with the same name. The most famous of his jobs is still “Make it Bun Dem” featuring Damian Marley, which was used in Far Cry 3.

The films that used his tracks are both parts of Deadpool. Finally “Bug Hunt” was recorded for “Wreck-It Ralph”.

Moore collaborated with many Musicians

There is really a lot of people he worked with, but the most famous are “The Doors” (they recorded “Breakn a Sweet” together) and Ellie Goulding (her vocal is used in “Summit”). Sonny says, that he took a lot of inspiration from 80s rock and would love to collaborate with much more artists.

He owns Label name OWSLA

OWSLA is officially the best label of 2017 in the United States. There are more than 30 musicians and groups recording on it. The most famous members of OWSLA are Skrillex himself, Jack U (Skrillex and Diplo duet), Zomboy and some other EDM artists.

Interesting: the name of brand was taken from the book “Watership down”.

Skrillex enjoys simple music Equipment

In one of interviews he mentioned, that he creates 80 per cent of the tracks using laptop only. Sonny has created some of the hardest dropped while travelling via plane or taxi. Even during studio practicing, he uses simple headphones (which does not equal budget). Moore admits that he had not much equipment when he started the career.

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