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Know How To Correctly Scan Your Receipts

We may visit a number of shops and stores in a day or week. It is hard to keep an account of our monthly spending if we don’t have our receipts in place. In a week’s time, we may collect number of receipts and it can get difficult to save them all. They can get folded up, torn, tossed or lost in no time.

As it is very important to save your receipts, the best way to do is by scanning them. In this case, even if you lose them, you will have an image which you can use. Losing your receipts can be very troublesome and may disturb your monthly budget. You should know the right ways of scanning your receipts so that even if you lose them, you know how much money who have spent on what.

The Scanner Bin

One of the best ways to scan your receipts is by a scanner bin. It is quite an affordable solution to your receipts scanning problem. All you have to do is collect all the receipts at one place before getting scanned. When you wish to scan them, put them all on a table and set the scanner bin on their side. Now take your smartphone and place it over the aperture and you will have a stable stand that would block ambient light and allow the receipts to scan.

When you use a smartphone to scan your receipts, they won’t scan properly due to folds. However, with a scanner bin, the receipts are flattened by a flat sheet that is placed over receipt before scanning. Some other options like Tab scanner are also an amazing way to scan your receipts. Scanner bins are pocket friendly and you can get all your receipts scanned in one go by it.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software

There are many ways to scan your receipts and one of them is by OCR software. When you scan your receipts, they get converted into a photo format, but with OCR, you can convert it into a text file. You can have the text files of your receipts and search for any data you want anytime. All you have to do is take the photo of your scanned receipts and out it through an OCR receipt scanner.

OCR works by recognizing the characters on the receipts photo to the font libraries. Many of them also come with spell checks to verify the spelling mistakes. The OCR technology has improved over the years and many of them provide excellent results. People who have small or large scale business or even the tax preparer, prefer to use OCR for their receipts. It gets easier for the user to find their data whether it is an expense, date or place on the receipts.

Keeping track of your expenditure is very important in recent times. You might forget where you have spent your money and it can disturb your monthly spending. Recordkeeping your receipts by scanning is a great way even to save your money.

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