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Solitaire is a game which dates back to the mid-18th century. It has many names but it is also famously known as “Game of Patience”. In France it is known as “Success” (reussite). In many other languages it has other names. In Danish, Norwegian and Polish it is often termed as “Kabal” or “Kabala” (secret knowledge) to describe these games.

Another interesting fact about this game is that in many origins of the world it is played and used as fortune telling.

There are many benefits of playing Solitaire;

The easiest and foremost important benefit is that it can be played alone. For instance, if you are really bored and have nothing to do you can simply opt to play this game. You can play this game online as well; there you can get other players as well. This will help you to relax.

Another good thing about this is that such mind games can help you think and relax at the same time. When you play games like  solitaire spider freecell card game, they boost your brain and give them the ability to think, but at the same time you know these are fun games and will keep you relaxed.

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The third benefit is regarding the inner personality of the person. The good news is that if you play solitaire it can help you boost your self esteem. There is challenge and just the right amount of luck involved that if you win this game it will give you a sense of accomplishment and will also be able to buck up your self esteem. Also if you win this game another benefit is that it will give you confidence in yourself, so that you take your life decisions with confidence as well.

Lastly and very importantly it will improve your motor skills. If you are playing solitaire on your computer or laptops it will help and get you a good grip over the use of mouse. Especially for those who are new users and want to practice their skills, they can get comfortable if they play this game repetitively as the rules and method of playing is simple but it involves a continuous use of mouse.

However with the evolution of time and advancement of technology people have moved more towards notebooks, smart phones and laptops. People now prefer to play games over their smart phones or notebooks. Well in this case how about those solitaire addicts, how to facilitate them?

Well, most of the users have Android base and to facilitate them, CardGames Studio have things all under control. CardGames Studio have a huge number of mind and board games available, which also includes solitaire.

There are many themes for solitaire which are designed; this game is a gift for solitaire lovers. Some of the main features of the games include:

  • Daily Challenge
  • Vegas mode
  • 4 card face styles
  • 12 card back styles
  • 10 table selection
  • Unlimited undo, for free
  • Auto complete to finish a solved game
  • Hints to show next move
  • Auto-save
  • Personal records
  • Draw 3 Mode

So go now download it on your smart phones and enjoy!