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Tips for Buying A Flat Panel TV Mount

A flat panel TV is light weighted and has a thin depth, this makes it easy to directly mount it on a wall in your apartment or at home. Although all flat-panel televisions are bought alongside a pedestal that allows them to be easily placed on a television stand. Mounting your television on the wall can give your room more space and enhance the beauty of the room. Various TV wall mount exists in the market presently. So, the information below shows help you decide the right flat panel TV mount.

How do I know the rightmount for my TV?

In choosing the perfect mount, make sure you decide on the way you would like your television to move, or maybe you might want it to have a fixed position. The next step is ensuring that the purchased mount is well rated and suitable for the weight and size of your TV. The suggested weight limit of any TV mount would be listed by the brand.To ensure you get the best-weighed TV mount, try TV mounts from Be sure to follow these restrictions so as to avoid a scenario where the TV mount might sag under the weight of the television which is extremely heavy, or at worse causing injuries or damages.

The Video ElectronicsStandard Association (VESA) mounting pattern

This mounting style is a set of four screw holes properly arrange behind your television, with holes matching the spaces on your TV wall mount. This pattern makes sure that all VESA related televisions and TV mounts can be interchanged completely. It is a good thing to know that all TV mount in the market today is VESA related. But always confirm so as to be sure.

Between a fix and a motion mount, what type should I choose?

 A fixed or moveable TV mount would totally depend on your own preference, intended TV audience,and the room layout.

  • Fixed Television Mounts

This mount type firmly holds the TV against the wall. The TV is kept closer to the wall with this Mount type than any other type of mount, which gives a custom and clear look. But no position adjustment is offered by the fixed TV mount. This type of TV mount is good when you have complete control over the lighting, to keep the TV screen free from glare, and it is also good for rooms where the audience keeps viewing the television from the same position. It is normallypositioned where you can view it from all angles of the room. It is one of the least expensive types of TV wall mount.

  • Full motion TV mounts

This allows your flat panel TV to enjoy a greater movement. It allows you totilt it anyhow you want to. This type of mount ensures that your television is always at the right viewing angle, it is recommended for rooms where the audience sits in different locations.