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Web Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

Web hosting is a topic that everyone planning to own a website or even operate a website should know. Every functional website has some order of web hosting going on underground, which differs in functionality from website to website. People choose different web hosting for their websites, depending entirely on how they want their websites to function.

The unclear nature of the issue however creates some form of problem for people with limited knowledge on ‘Internet of Things’.

With the advancement of the internet and upgrade of most features, people are obligated to understand the concepts of cloud hosting and web hosting, as well as the difference that comes with them, before owning a website. The knowledge about the differences that exist between these two hinges on a complete understanding of the concept of hosting itself.

Generally, web hosting is best described as the location where files needed to run any website is stored. In most cases, the location of your web host determines the location of all the files needed for the functionality of your website.

To fully get a grabs of the operation of websites and their relation to hosting, you need to understand that it is not a single file. In its case, the website is characterised with many files that may all be linked to a database, containing the script that dictates the pattern of behaviour of your website. All files are kept at the site where your website files are stored.

With all these in action, your browser get on to download all the needed files for a website display the moment anyone types in your URL.

Major Difference Between Standard Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

  • Standard web hosting takes responsibility for all the operations of single files on a single server, which can come as shared, VPS, dedicated and managed. The above mentioned standard web hosting practices come in their different prices and performance.
  • Cloud Hosting in its case functions in an entirely different manner. It caters for different scenarios with incredible scalability and flexible pricing. This simply means that cloud hosting allows you to pay as you use and you have the opportunity of scaling the size of your website with its growth rate.

Another important part of cloud hosting is that it allows you to change servers if you think that your site’s current infrastructure is under-performing in anyway.

Based on the knowledge of these differences, you now know for sure that standard web hosting offers your very cheap beginning and then allows you to switch to cloud hosting, depending on how you grow or of course, how your needs grow.

Cloud hosting is already trending, and is showing great potentiality, although they still have a few downsides which we will discuss in the next article.

We strongly advise that you go through WordPress for the start of your website, considering that they offer free hosting. With time, when you begin to understand how things work, you can then make your choice between going for cloud hosting and going for web-hosting.

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