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What Are The Best Ways To Customize Jar Labels For Beautiful Packaging

Jar label is the perfect way to decorate the packaging of the product. Well designed labels make the product very creative. It is one of the reasons to capture the mind of people and compel them to buy it. There are companies that provide labels online to customize your products and create a long-lasting impression on people.

From product design to its material considerations, there are plenty of different ways to customize your jar labels and enhance packaging’s appeal.

Selection of the cutting die

Cutting die is an effective method to make a jar label. It works best with the design of your label. These dies are available in variety of different shapes such as ovals, rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, and customized shapes too.

The best shapes of labels

The shape and size of the kleebised has an impact on the overall design of the product. When designing a label for your jar, there are two popular shapes used by product manufacturing companies. These are rectangle and oval shape. Where rectangle labels provide the maximum design space as compared to other label shapes, oval labels, on the other hand, is beneficial in getting a higher end look.

Working with a professional label design company

If you are looking for a professionally designed label that not just look impressive but also conveys the essence of your brand then go for a professional label designer. These professionals are experts in enhancing the quality of the label artwork.

Choose complementing materials

There are several types of materials that can be used to design a label. You can choose them according to the project needs, type of product contents, budget and the method to apply label.  Below is the popular type of label used for labeling different types of products.

Clear Labels:

This type of label is made from transparent film. It makes it moisture and condensation resistant. It is the most appropriate label for products that comprise of runny contents.

White Radiance Labels:

This is an affordable way to produce high quality labels. These labels are created with the help of a laminate, and white colored glossy labels. This helps in protecting the printed image from fading or smudging.

Metallic Foil:

This type of label is made using metallic silver foil. It adds visual interest to the product. Metallic labels reflect light and catch attention of consumers. This is much preferred option among users as it safeguards product contents against condensation and moisture.

Hot sauce label

Labels used for hot sauces are available in different types of flavors. A distinctive artwork and a clever name that perfectly fits your brand is a beneficial start to stand out from others. To get the best design that executes your vision, one should always take help of an experienced label designer company.


Jar labels come in several designs, shapes, and sizes. To make your product unique and interesting, you need to select the best jar label for your product. Taking assistance from online product labels will help in advertising your products in the best way.

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This Guest Post has been written by Robert Wolf. We are the leading providers of kleebised in world class designs and shapes for a variety of products such as bottles, jars, car, etc. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals thoroughly understands the product and based on it, design a label that makes the best impression on buyers.