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What CIOs Have To Know About Software Defined Networking

You know what CIO: there’s a revolution that’s just beginning in the realm of computer networking. Sure, you understand the significance of it but will you be prepared for this? For that longest time, we have all been building our systems in pretty exactly the same: we visit a big equipment vendor for example ‘cisco’, Juniper, HP, IBM, etc. and purchase a lot of boxes. Then we string them together, acquire some costly software after which relax and hope that everything connects together. Apparently , there’s an easy method to complete all this.

Greet Software Defined Networking

What’s altered for person using the CIO job is the fact that a different way of creating computer systems has showed up. The brand new approach is known as Software Defined Networking or SDN. In the realm of SDN, your network won’t be populated by a lot of very smart boxes from ‘cisco’. Rather, you will be buying dumb white-colored label boxes and deploying them during your network. Once you have carried this out, you may then use a very effective server in the centre of the network and you will operate a fancy control program onto it to manage all your “dumb” network elements.

The fundamental idea behind SDN would be to centralize all the intelligence inside a network. Rather of disbursing your processing power throughout each bit of costly networking gear that you simply supplment your network, at this point you place all your network smarts in one location. One huge advantage to do things by doing this is the fact that updating your network software go a great deal simpler: at this point you just update the program that’s running on a single server, this is not on the 100’s of boxes you have deployed inside your network.

SDN provides lots of other benefits. Network equipment costs ought to be decreased dramatically because you’ll no more need “smart” boxes. Whenever a network failure occurs, the network routing protocol that’s running around the central server will be able to converge faster because it features a god’s- eye look at every factor that’s happening within the network.

This Changes Everything

Because the part of the CIO position, you have to grasp just just what the implications that the appearance of SDN systems may mean for the organization. What there has been is really a fundamental transfer of how computer systems will be built. We’re leaving computer systems which are based on their hardware and moving towards computer systems which are being implemented mainly in software. The implications of the are very large.