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Why is social media important for branding businesses

In general, social media platforms were quite popular even a decade ago, and nowadays we can conclude that they’re the best way to get your name visible on the world’s radar. Regardless of whether you want to promote a single product, a whole line, or your entire brand, social media will get you where you want to be.

Old-school marketing won’t cut it

Back in the day when Internet wasn’t available to just everyone, people used to promote their business by hiring people who’d go from door to door which was rather inconvenient. Others have paid tremendous amounts to get their name on newspapers, but only a handful of brands actually had any success with that.

Nowadays, you can still resort to these means to promote your brand, but you’ll notice sooner or later that fewer and fewer people answer their doors to travelling salesmen, fewer and fewer people actually “read” newspapers, and that means that old-school branding is, well, not a good way to go today.

Living in the age of technology, we now have the means to promote our business in the easiest way possible – from the comfort of your home with but a click of a button (well, several clicks actually).

Using social media platforms isn’t even that expensive

Most platforms are completely free to use, such as Twitter for example, or a regular Facebook page. On the other hand, so-called “sponsored content” usually requires you to pay some $5 – $10 initially, then you can decide how much you want to invest later on.

By simply being visible on social media platforms, you’re letting off a positive vibe – you’re telling your clients (actual and potential) that you mean business, that you’re keeping your pace with the modern ways, and, most importantly, you’re etching your name in the memory of people.

Effectiveness of social media

In truth, no one can guarantee that using social media platforms will net you 100% success with branding your business. What’s more, you won’t get any type of assurance or warranty in case your marketing plan isn’t bearing any fruit.

On the upside, news spread virally around the Internet, so at least you should expect a slow start, but once you do manage to break through, it’s only uphill from there.

Crafty tools and gadgets

Now, most social media platforms that are business-friendly (such as Facebook, which has a dedicated sphere focused on business profiles and groups alone) pack a variety of handy tools which will help you reach your target audience.

The algorithm most platforms use is quite simple – they target people who either like or are interested in something similar to your brand and “show” them your page.

Should that not suffice to attract potential leads and likes, you can always use other tools, such as Facebook’s insight, for example, to check back on statistical data regarding how many people have visited your page, post-performance, engagement, and such. Using these tools can help you build up a reliable database you need for your desired goals, again, completely free of charge.

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